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January 26, 2013
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MM App: Yamato Kirisagi by Defying-Destiny MM App: Yamato Kirisagi by Defying-Destiny
This app is for the AMAZING :iconmorphos-metaphor: group!
Wish me luck ;3; (crosses all fingers and toes)!!!


:bulletwhite:Name: Yamato Kirisagi
:bulletwhite:Age: 17
:bulletwhite:Height: 6' 2" (190.5 cm)
:bulletwhite:Weight: 195 lbs.
:bulletwhite:Gender: Male
:bulletwhite:Year Level: Third Year - Transfer Student (Different School)
:bulletwhite:Nationality: Japanese/American

:bulletwhite:Arcana: VIII- Justice
:bulletwhite:Arcana Rank: Rank 4
:bulletwhite:Suit: Swords
:bulletwhite:Persona: Principality
:bulletwhite:Class: 3-A
:bulletwhite:Clubs: Fight club, health club
:bulletwhite:Skill Set:

:bulletred:Mustard Bomb: Inflict a moderate amount of Pierce damage w/ 25% chance of Enervation on all targets.
:bulletred:Brain Shake: Inflicts a small amount of Slash damage w/ a chance of Exhaustion on one enemy. Roll x3 for hit amount for 1.5 HP damage per successful hit.
:bulletred:Holy Arrow: Inflicts a small amount of Pierce damage w/ a 25% chance of Charm to one enemy.
:bulletred:Skull Cracker: Inflicts a small amount of Strike damage w/ 25% chance of Confusion to one enemy.
:bulletyellow:Regenerate 2: Recovers 1.5 hp at the beginning of your turn.
:bulletyellow:Arms Master: Reduce the cost of Slash/Strike/Pierce attacks by 1 HP.
:bulletyellow:Ailment Boost: Add an extra 10 to the number range of all status ailment infliction chances.
:bulletgreen:Megido: Inflict a moderate amount of Almighty damage to all enemies.

:bulletwhite:Weapon: Kama (dual) - It has long since been a tradition to teach all children in the Kirisagi family how to use this particular weapon. Their Okinawa descendants used these small hand scythes in the rice fields but were forced to use them as a means to protect themselves from the Satsuma samurai clan. However, not all generations would stick to using the Kama. Many tend to stray towards other weapons categorized in the Okinawa kobudo martial arts, or relinquish their use of a weapon all together. No matter what path they choose though, they always kept their starting sickle in honor of their ancestor’s sacrifices. Yamato has chosen to continue his practice with the kama, for he felt a sort of connection from the day he first wielded it. He was also greatly inspired by his grandfather, who taught him how to use the blade and has held a firm grip on using the old weapon throughout his own life.


- Writing (He doesn’t think he’s very good at it but still likes to try! 8D)
- Video games (He generally plays classic titles; the Playstation 2 is the cut off point as far as owning a ‘newer’ system goes.)
- Working out/Exercising (Nature runs are his favorite <3)
- Music (It's inspirational to him while writing or crafting)
- Making miniatures/model houses/dioramas (particularly miniature food)
- Going to the beach. (But always forgets the ocean is salter-I MEAN salty…)
- Meat (non-seafood) (Thick juicy steak = guilty pleasure)


- Americans (Resolved...just doesn't like his father still lol)
- Loud and obnoxious people (Finds it hard to focus w/ these individuals around)
- Being cold (pile on the blankets son o3o)
- Many Trad. Japanese dishes (especially those involving the hell did you survive?!)
- Letting down those who depend on him.
- His step-father (Just don’t have a dad why dontcha! <.<)
- Being complimented (Will usually object and turn the praise towards you!)


Yamato has always been somewhat of a loner in both his public and home life. At school he tends to have only one or two close friends and a handful of well known acquaintances. Those who know him would say that he has a very kind and selfless attitude (even though he has somewhat of a stoic air about him). On occasion, he has acted cold towards “certain” groups of people (Americans mostly), but rather than start a confrontation he’ll merely avoid them.

He doesn’t mind getting attention, but prefers to receive it in small quantities (one on one or a small group is acceptable). He is also one of those people who won’t go out of his way to seek it out. Unless he has a reason to find you, you’ll be the one doing most of the ‘hunting‘.

Speaks very matter-of-factualy about things but not in a way that is rude or condescending. In fact, he will usually go out of his way to try and speak positively about others. However, this is a two faced attribute. Though he may speak highly of friends, family, and even strangers, the outlook he holds towards himself is very negative. Deep down he doesn’t feel he deserves much of anything in his life, if only to provide for everyone else when he can. His step-father influenced this trait on him a great deal.


-Compassionate- His heart and mind are always open to those who are troubled.
-Reliable- If you need someone to cover your back he’s certainly a prime choice. He may even try to cover your front too!
-Unselfish- Should someone be in need of help, he’ll hastily be over to assist the distressed individual(s); even if it means getting injured in the process.
-High Endurance (Beat stick)- His body can take a hell of a beating before giving out.
-The 3 C's (cool, calm, and collected)- Usually he can easily and tactfully think things through, even in high stress situations.


-Low self worth- He allows others to ‘step on him’ without making a fuss about it (though deep down it does hurt him).
-Self Sacrificing- In combat this attitude can affect his tactical judgment and health.
-Tight Lipped- Has trouble admitting or asking for help when he needs it.
-Pent up emotions- If pushed enough, he will let out his aggressions on you.
-Cold Weather- In battle, his movements become sluggish and less accurate in frigged conditions. He'll usually try to avoid leaving the house unless it's absolutely necessary.


Yamato was born to a single mother who lived with her parents in Osaka. When he was old enough his grandparents took on a larger portion of raising him while his mother attended school at a local college. The bond with his grandparents grew more and more as he aged, especially the bond with his grandfather; who he considered as a ’father figure’ in his life. He taught Yamato a variety of things like old family traditions, karate and how to use a kama (which he continues to do presently). Through the passing years his mother had got into a serious relationship with a man named Tatsumi. When Yamato was five he and his mother moved out and into Tatsumi’s home in Kofu. He was less than enthusiastic to leave his grandparents, and it wasn’t until after his mother eloped with Tatsumi that he began to gain any trust in him; though it was all for naught. A little over a year later his brother Kichiro was born, and from that point on his step father reversed his attention towards his own son and away from Yamato. Tatsumi would only address him if he needed a chore to be done or to scold him for doing a poor job of one that was given. His mother, on the other hand, never treated him in such a way. She would always say that she loved him and gave him all the attention a loving mother should give her child. However, she could not ease the tension between Yamato and her husband. This in turn lead Yamato to move back to his grandparents in their new home in Kirimori.


-Is well toned for his age due to his larger body frame and continual exercising. (Even though I drew him kinda skinny here >v<;;; )
-He hates the nicknames ‘Matt' or 'Matty’; informal derivatives of his name.
- The necklace he wears originally belonged to his mother.
- His 'American' side consists of both Dutch and Norwegian decent.
- Wants to pursue a career in the medical field.
- Can speak/understand English very well. (He is a bit rusty though.)
- He's very tidy and likes to have his things look like they're in 'new' condition.
- His earrings have no significant value.
- He’s been on a few dates, but only participated as a friend. Other than that he has never been on a serious date or in a relationship. If you ask him why he’ll simply state that ‘It’s not important at this point in his life’ or ’He’s just not browsing for anyone’ which is true for the most part. A large portion of it is stirred up by his self resentment.

Total - 10000 MP

Social Links - *Under Construction 4Ever* :new:

Link to expressions: MM: Yamato Expressions by Defying-Destiny
Link to piggy bank: MM: Piggy Bank by Defying-Destiny
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